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Module frame kit

Modules are individual layout pieces equipped with standardised ends where the position of rails is fixed to allow smooth train travel on the track from one module to another. It is quite possible to compose huge train layouts using the module principle with many participants, each making their own modules but following strictly the same standard. The builders combine their modules and form a big, common module layout in module gatherings. An N scale module track is also very suitable to be used as a home train layout as the layout can always be tailored to accommodate available space at home thanks to the small modules.


N-Club Finland focuses on advancing module thinking encouraging people to build their own modules for our gatherings in various events we participate. A great advantage of a module track is its' flexibility; modules can be combined together in any order and there are always some new modules as well. This means that a club module layout is never the same and even for those who have seen the layout before, it is still offering something new every time.


While modules normally use standard ends at both module ends, there are situations when a different style end is needed. Usually this is the case, when we want to build bigger segments which are always put together in the same order and which, from the point of view of a module track, are treated as a single module despite of being assembled of several segments. Each end of the segment will have a standard module end to accommodate a standard module next to them.


Module Standard

N Club Finland shares the same NCI module standard with N Club International and Club N de España. Download the standard from here.



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