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Membership in N Club Finland guarantees you many benefits. N Club Finland ry. is the leading model railway hobbyist organization in Finland focusing in N scale. N Scale Finland brings you many unique benefits and an opportunity to meet other N-scalers from Finland and throughout Europe.


There are too membership levels. A membership of our online forum is 100% free and gives you access to our private forums where there is plenty of information of N scale and lots of expertise to solve together technical problems one may encounter in this hobby. Forums are bilingual with English and Finnish speaking forum sections. A full membership gives you many more benefits and you can always upgrade your forum membership to a full membership in N Club FInland when you want. Please note, that we require everyone to show their name in their user profile. We won't activate new user accounts if the user has not entered his/her name.



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N scale forums in English and Finnish N scale forums in English and Finnish
  Private members only forums
  INGA.NET forum
NCF/NCI module standard in English NCF/NCI module standard in English
  NEM standards in Finnish
  NCF News magazine (4/y, in Finnish)
Module homologation and registration for fee Free module homologation and registration
  Participation in NCF module layouts
  Member gatherings
  European N Scale Convention
  Access to private events of other INGA.NET clubs
  Assistance in module transportation*
  Catering services in some events*
  Assistance in accommodation arrangements in events*
  Purchases through the society for hard to find items
  Product news and brochures
  Special offers and rebates
  Member product
  International co-operation and connections

No membership fee


Membership fee: 35€/y (under 18: 17.50€/y)


* Depending of the event and at cost or for free.

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