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International N Gauge Association Network or INGA.NET is an international organization of N-scalers round the world. INGA.NET members are national roof organizations for N scale hobby in their respective countries and represent their country in the international N scale co-operation. Finland is represented in INGA.NET by N Club Finland ry.


INGA.NET was founded in the N gathering of Italian ASN club in Florence on April 29, 2001 by ASN and German N Club International. The two founding members were soon accompanied by N Gauge Society from Britain, AFAN from France and N Gauge Guild from South Africa. Spanish CNE, Australian AUST-N-SCALE, Museo Scale Enne from Florence and Central European N-Trak Europe joined the organization later. N Club Finland became INGA.NET member in November 2007 in Stuttgart. In 2008 sNs representing Switzerland became the tenth member of INGA.NET.


INGA.NET is a channel for co-operation between national N scale organizations.  The forms of co-operation in INGA.NET are change of information, joint N-scale events, standards and representation of international N scale hobbyist community in dealings with the industry. The shared goal is to the promote N scale hobby and improve N scale name recognition in the spirit of INGA.NET slogan:


  • Gemeinsam für die Spur N!

  • Together for N scale!

  • Ensemble pour l'échelle N!

  • ¡Unidos para la escala N!

  • Insieme per la scala N!

  • Yhdessä N-mittakaavan puolesta!


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I-N-G-A.NET Friends

INGA.NET Friends are clubs that belong to the INGA.NET member organization of their country. In Finland any N scale clubs that want to join INGA.NET should contact N Club Finland ry. in order to become an INGA.NET Friends level member.



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