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Model Railways in N-scale

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Tmi Mestarimallit has produced the latest member product for NCF.


N Club Finland is a community of N-scale (1:160) enthusiasts in Finland. We are building N-scale model railways mainly of European prototypes and focus on modules. We thrive to spread information of N-scale model railways in Finland and advance N-scale model railway hobby in this country. We firmly believe that N-scale is particularly suitable for Finnish homes due to its' reasonable space requirements.






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'Stammtisch' is a monthly gathering of NCF members. Anyone interested in N-scale or N Club Finland can join us in a Stammtisch evening. N Club Finland's Stammtisch is held on the second Tuesday of month at 17:00 in Vapiano next to Helsinki Railway Station.




You can browse N-photos of NCF members in our ipernity  group:



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