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Our Goals

N Club Finland was established to advance and promote N scale model railway hobby in Finland. The emphasis is on module technology and European style N model railways. In our community, we value everyone's achievements and we want to encourage our members to participate shared projects actively. For all of us, this is a unique hobby that everyone should enjoy and be able to enjoy stress free relaxation.


Member Forum

Our "club house" is located in the Internet; our private member forum is a place for vivid discussions between our members and where we can share resources of many sorts. The forums serve as a depository for publications, images, computer data files etc.



We work actively for the adoption and promotion of standards in the Finnish N scale model railway world. The most important activity in this area is our module standard and in this particular area we work actively with other clubs using the same base standard around the world.



We help our members to get access to many useful resources for N scale model railway hobby. Our membership in INGA.NET, the leading N scale organization in the world, is especially useful in  bringing to our members resources and information otherwise impossible to find in Finland. In the material sector, the most important project is the procurement channels for module ends and complete module kits for our members.


Module Gatherings

The most visible and perhaps the most exciting part of our activities are our module gatherings. These gatherings take usually place in various hobby shows and exhibitions and our members bring their own modules which are combined to form a huge N scale module track. As we have adopted a module standard which is used in other countries too, it is easy for our members to visit foreign module gatherings with their own modules or vice versa. In future, we plan to organize our own, international module meetings in Finland.


NCI Module Standard

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N Club Finland has adopted N Club International standard which was originally developed based on experiences gained in  Z-scale module technology in  Z- Club International club. NCI standard is currently used by clubs in Germany, Spain and Finland.



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